• For the purpose of spreading education, establishment of institutions in the sphere of research and training, managing and sponsoring
  • For the rehabilitation of the helpless people orphans and handicapped children, widows, disable people and the old and try to educate, to train and establish homes for them. The sponsoring and managing of them.
  • To provide medical facility in rural areas and to establish and run hospitalss and nursing homes. To establish institutions for public health, sponsoring and managing them.
  • Run the schools for the handicapped children and to give vocational training to them. To provide necessary help for the aged handicapped people
  • Run the programmes for the development and progess of women.
  • Open school in the rural areas for study and run them
  • Open vocational training centres for self-employment for the youths of rural areas and run them
  • To do work in sphere of agriculture, animal husbandry and Khadi Gramoudhoyog
  • To give scholarship, aid reward and allowance to the poor, the needed genius, able students or talented students, artists.
  • To run the programmes for the integrated village development
  • To fulfill aims arrange - -- meetings and seminar and arranging training, contact the religious institutions which give recognition for all religions.
  • To fulfill aims - Publish and sell the books and the magazines.
  • For fulfilling purpose, aid economic help and donation will be taken from certain or particular public, government and non-government institution.
  • Besides these, run and manage and establish any social welfare work if executive committe think , it is necessary.

The aims and objectivess of the institution are only for public welfare. These are not for purpose of gaining any kind of profit and not for any particular caste, religion and particular community.